Official Politically Correct Terms

Official Politically Correct Terms
Many former labels are now passé.
This roster of Politically Correct terms denotes some newly accepted additions.
Compliance with current P C usage is mandatory.
WARNING: all labels are subject to change without notice.
Old Transitional New
alive spirited temporarily metabolically able
dead deceased metabolically different
disabled handicapped differently abled
hearing person sound enhanced temporarily aurally able
deaf hearing impaired aurally challenged
sighted person sight enhanced temporarily visually able
blind sight impaired visually challenged
dumb mute vocally challenged
stupid airhead cognitively disengaged
retarded mentally handicapped mentally challenged
crazy mentally ill selectively perceptive
schizoid bifurcated value added
psychopath disturbed socially misaligned
depression mood repressed optimism depleted
addict dependent habituated
drunk stoned wasted
tramp homeless optionally residential
prejudiced bigoted biased
belligerent argumentative feisty
dispute confrontation attitude adjustment
rude insensitive politically correct
discrimination profile quota affirmative action
bald hirsute impaired follicularly challenged
ugly unbeautiful aesthetically challenged
fat calorically enhanced alternative body image
short altitude denied vertically challenged
senior citizen oldster/geriatric chronologically advanced
ordinary common trivial
queer gay/homosexual queer
pregnancy male exploitation parasitic oppression
female woman superior sex
girl pre-woman gyno-american trainee
boy pre-man underdeveloped sexist
male man inferior genetic specimen
negro black african-american
afro-american black african-american
asian oriental asian-american
white melanin impoverished genetically oppressive
white male The Man The Oppressor
The People The Rainbow Populace The Oppressed Masses
The Establishment White Power Elite Them
conservative traditionalist reactionary
liberal progressive radical extremist
ghetto ethnic enclave minority microcosm
slum poverty district repression zone
poor deprived/underclass monetarily deficient
rich privileged/upperclass economically advantaged
whore hooker intimate care provider
housewife homemaker domestic technician
janitor custodian sanitation engineer
dish washer kitchen helper utensil sanitizer
paper bag unrecycled pulp processed tree carcass
lumber mill timber exploitation forest desecration
dairy bovine exploitation where cows are raped
ranch beef sacrifice where cattle are murdered
egg ranch chick abortion where hens are raped
farming crop exploitation raping Mother Earth
fishing sea creature exploitation raping the oceans
hunting blood sport fauna assassin
biology lab nature experimentation biota torture chamber